Grounded in research, Mursion is a pioneer in VR, simulations, and AI for professional learning resulting in real behavior change for organizations.

Research Methods

An indispensable training tool

Suspension of disbelief

Blend of human and artificial intelligence

The gold standard in training

An indispensable training tool

Simulation is a targeted, safe, and iterative approach to soft skills development. Studies show that simulations are more effective than other instructional methods [1]

Research confirms that virtual avatars can be powerful motivators to change human behavior.[2] Mursion’s proprietary technology provides compelling simulations that focus on the complex interpersonal skills that professionals must master to be successful in high-stress careers. This is achieved using avatars to challenge trainees to interact with their colleagues, customers, students or patients to the highest standards of their profession.

Our simulations, which simultaneously engage the emotional and cognitive faculties for an impactful learning experience, transform the learner while offering a scalable and cost-effective solution for organizations.

Learning from the heart

Suspension of Disbelief

Research shows that the brain prefers to interact with avatars that are more “human-like” in their visual appearance, movements, and voice patterns - consequently avatars inhabited by humans are more powerful tools for learning than are computer-scripted avatars.

Mursion’s technologists and avatar development team work to tightly integrate visual appearance, voice, and gestures of virtual avatars using AI such that trainees experience a sense of “presence” in the virtual world or what some might call “the suspension of disbelief,” wherein the human brain thinks of the virtual avatar as another human. [1], [2]

Mursion is built to meet all factors that contribute to the learner's ability to suspend disbelief: fidelity, emotional buy-in, and psychological safety. When trainees feel a sense of presence in the virtual environment, the avatars in the simulation trigger the same emotional responses that humans would trigger in the real world.

Built for emotional intelligence training

Blend of human and artificial intelligence

When avatars are properly blended with humans controlling them, it is possible to induce very powerful behavioral and emotional responses. Other humans actually become empathetic to the conditions of the avatar. Research has in-fact shown that interacting with avatars in virtual reality gives rise to specific character-dependent changes in behavior, ranging across situations from pain perception to implicit racial bias [1], [2], [3]
Mursion’s technology combines the reasoning capability of human intelligence with the appropriate components of artificial intelligence to create compelling and plausible simulation events. Research confirms that this is the most powerful model for simulating authentic interpersonal exchanges [4] These results indicate that virtual reality stimuli can be utilized to imitate complex social situations [5]

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