Mursion gives your sales team the ultimate sales practice — practice that is real, relevant, and meaningful.

  • Virtual Reality Training for Sales

    VR training programs immerse your salespeople in virtual environments where they can hone even the most advanced, consultative skill sets, allowing them to deepen relationships and build rapport with their customers.

  • The Benefits

    Simulations are the best way to achieve verifiable mastery in the skills necessary to drive top-line growth. Through Mursion’s virtual reality sales training programs, you can elevate every member of your sales team to high-performing, confident closers, ultimately optimizing profitability and success.

Why Choose Virtual Reality for your Sales Training?

Why Choose Virtual Reality for your Sales Training?

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  • Experiential Training

    Experiential training immerses the learner in a customized virtual environment, harnessing the science of “presence” and “plausibility” for a holistic experience that drives true behavioral change.

  • Built for Impact

    Facing real-world challenges requires not only knowing what to do but also having the ability to put knowledge into action. Mursion Simulations enables learners to build muscle by repeatedly practice critical skills -- research shows that the use of avatars provides a higher level of psychological safety than traditional role play and that two 30-minute sessions with just two attempts each can change behavior.

  • Authentic Practice

    Tailored experiences are built to reflect relevant, real-world situations in sales. A human-in-the-loop approach brings the practice to life with a proprietary blend of artificial intelligence and live human interaction.

  • Case Studies
  • Case Studies

    Workplace Simulations Used For New Call Center Agent Onboarding at H&R Block

    The Challenge H&R Block’s call center agents are in many cases a customer’s first introduction to the company and its...

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How Can Human-Powered AI Simulations Help Your Sales Organization?

How Can Human-Powered AI Simulations Help Your Sales Organization?

Sales Execution

- Pitching Sales Solutions to Clients
- Negotiating with a Client
- Making a Cold Call

Sales Management

- Managing Difficult Client Conversations
- Coaching: Motivating Reports to Challenge Their Customers
- Coaching: Demonstrating a Strong Close

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