Virtual-Reality Training for High-Stakes Careers

Mursion is a virtual reality training platform allowing professionals to practice and master essential skills to become more effective in high-stakes careers.

Mursion is more than a VR training simulator—it’s a high-impact training philosophy.

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What is Mursion VR Training Software?

Mursion is a virtual reality training platform that immerses learners in cause-and-effect training scenarios for a high-impact learning experience. Learners will engage in a 2D or 3D virtual reality environment with customized avatars, environments, and scenarios specifically designed to simulate real-life challenges.

Learners participate in scenarios that adapt based on their actions and responses using AI + Human Interaction. This helps to provide immediate feedback and a realistic experience to fortify actionable real-world learning.

The Mursion VR training platform is an ideal, interactive training solution for improving leadership & employee development, educator skill mastery, healthcare or clinic interactions, defense leadership training, human services, and social services.

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About Mursion’s VR Training Software

Mursion blends artificial intelligence (AI) with live human interaction for an agile, completely customizable, high-impact virtual learning environment.

By using VR training, your team members will experience not only cognitive learning but emotional reasoning as well for a more impactful mastery of skills and mindsets.

VR Simulation

Experiential training immerses the learner in a customized virtual learning environment for more a more interactive, impactful training experience.

AI + Human Interaction

Training is more effective when you learn from doing. Team members engage in data-driven AI + Human Interaction for a realistic cause-and-effect training experience.


Facing real-world challenges takes knowing what to do & having the emotional capacity to do it. Mursion combines cognition & emotion to master these skills.

How Mursion Virtual Reality Training Works

Mursion is a customizable virtual reality training platform. Customize your material to fit your organization’s needs and choose a delivery method that makes sense for you.


1 – Choose External or In-House Delivery. Mursion training specialists can deliver customized high-impact virtual reality training to your organization or you can purchase a software license subscription to deliver your own simulations in-house.

2 – Design Your Scenarios. Work with your virtual reality training expert to customize training avatars, environments, and scenarios for your organization.

3 – Deliver Content. Since Mursion is hardware agnostic, you can deliver content using whichever platform makes the most sense for you. This means you can deliver training in a group environment, individually, to remote or off-site team members, or on-the-go. You can also choose to deliver in 2D or 3D.

4 – Quantify Results. Through machine learning and observational assessment, Mursion can quantify the results of each training experience so you can track progress and learning.