Offering an authentic and personalized environment that reflects the intersectional complexities of workplaces today, simulations are the fastest way to transform ideals and principles into reality.

  • Training for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Programs

    VR training offers learners a safe space to practice high stakes conversations concerning sensitive topics such as unconscious bias and microinequities at work.

  • The Benefits

    Time and again, it has been proven that companies which embrace diversity, equity and inclusion outperform their peers in multiple aspects of business performance, including innovation and profitability, as well as employee engagement and retention. Start your transformation today by immersively preparing learners for the most demanding scenarios at work, the ones that truly require judgment, empathy, and authenticity to master.

Why Choose Virtual Reality for your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training?

Why Choose Virtual Reality for your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training?

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  • Experiential Training

    Experiential training immerses the learner in a customized virtual environment, harnessing the science of “presence” and “plausibility” for a holistic experience that drives true behavioral change.

  • Built for Behavioral Change

    Facing real-world challenges takes knowing what to do and having the experience gained from realistic practice to actually do it. Mursion unlocks this potential through practice that is not only safe and anonymous but also personalized (responsive to the learner) and variable enough to reflect real-world encounters. This is delivered in a cost-effective way, at scale, elevating the human element.

  • Authentic Practice

    Tailored experiences are built to reflect relevant, real-world situations in leadership. A human-in-the-loop approach brings the practice to life with a proprietary blend of artificial intelligence and live human interaction.

  • Case Studies
  • Case Studies

    T-Mobile Uses VR Simulations for Leadership and Handling Change Management

    The Challenge As T-Mobile was preparing to merge with Sprint, T-Mobile wanted to build their leaders “self efficacy” at handling...

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Choose Your Learning Model

Choose Your Learning Model

Private Practice

Learners experience intensive rounds of targeted and highly personalized sessions.

Virtual Group Workshop

Dynamic team-based approach, in which each learner interacts with avatars while others observe.

In-Person Group Workshop

A style of group workshop, ideal for large cohorts and peer-to-peer learning.

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