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Whether it’s by anticipating customer needs, de-escalating conflict, or representing your core values, your service team transforms human interaction into memorable brand experiences for your customers and repeat business for your company.

Mursion empowers your team to deliver on-point service by rigorously preparing them for the most challenging service scenarios they’ll face. Through scaled simulations, Mursion delivers cost-effective, next-generation service training that meets your organization’s goals with flexibility and precision.

Implementing virtual reality simulations as part of your customer service training program can help improve customer satisfaction, customer retention, service quality scores, and employee satisfaction.

What is Virtual Reality Customer Service Training?

Virtual reality training for customer service immerses participants in realistic, challenging customer service scenarios. By using trained professionals who orchestrate the interactions between learners and avatar-based characters, Mursion simulations achieve the realism needed to deliver measurable, high-impact results. Mursion provides live, interactive simulations to support service professionals as they practice and master competencies such as how to demonstrate customer orientation, de-escalate conflict, and listen attentively.  

 In each VR customer service simulation, the participant engages in a realistic real-time exchange with the avatar(s). The situation and responses adapt according to the participant’s responses for authentic and spontaneous practice. The result is a high-impact learning experience.

Virtual Reality Customer Service Training

Why Choose Virtual Reality for your Customer Service Training?

Mursion offers high-impact virtual reality training for customer service.

One of the reasons participants love this training is because they’re able to practice difficult situations in a psychologically safe environment. Unlike post-mortem call reviews or role-playing, virtual reality allows customer service agents to practice de-escalating stressful situations without fear of repercussions or judgment. This increases the participant’s opportunity to learn and make genuine improvements.

For real, meaningful impact, participants should be able to become immersed in a training interaction the way they would a true on-the-job interaction. Mursion’s technologists and avatar development team have integrated avatar visual appearance, voice, and gestures for a convincing sense of “presence” in a virtual environment. Most participants find they are drawn into the training scenario, experiencing the same emotional responses humans would trigger in the real world.

While many customer service training programs include a cognitive focus such as mastering a CRM, understanding service/product packages, or even soft skills such as telephone etiquette, virtual reality offers unparalleled human skills and emotional intelligence training. Interacting with VR avatars allows customer service agents to practice and master interpersonal skills for immediate success and long-term advantage.

Business leaders know that customer service has a huge impact on their company’s bottom line. From client retention to employee engagement, net promoter scores to referrals, better customer service means a more successful and agile organization. Virtual reality training elevates your customer service to include cognitive and emotional learning for a revolutionary, high-impact training approach.

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