Slide PARTNER WITH MURSION Case Study: New Call Center Agent Onboarding at H&R Block

The Challenge

H&R Block’s call center agents are in many cases a customer’s first introduction to the company and its range of services. A competent, confident approach to client interactions is essential for agents to do well on the job and for the company to succeed. New agents, in particular, require a comprehensive onboarding program to achieve a level of comfort and proficiency in their conversations.  

Our Solution

Mursion created an agile solution to meet H&R Block’s training needs, helping learners understand how to differentiate strategies based on different customer profiles. The simulations’ avatars embodied those profiles to allow agents to practice their responses, building their confidence and capabilities. In turn, the company’s L&D Team has better insight into the agents’ necessary skill sets and understanding of where further reinforcement is needed. 

These enhancements improve customer satisfaction scores and lower company attrition, saving H&R Block significant time and money.