Since Mursion got its start in 2014, virtual reality has further established its foothold in the zeitgeist, from consumer-facing media like movies and gaming, to enhanced roles in various types of deep practice, reaching from the classroom to the workplace and well beyond. 

During that time, Mursion has focused its efforts on developing highly effective training platforms — from educating students, teachers, and school administrators; to empowering healthcare practitioners; to training our nation’s military leaders; and equipping corporate managers and their teams in a wide range of industries. Our virtual reality simulations are designed to deliver experiential learning for essential human skills in the workplace, such qualities as empathy, collaboration, problem solving, and leadership that help professionals excel in their careers and in life.

But what sets Mursion apart in the burgeoning virtual reality training industry? It’s two words and a huge part of our organization: Simulation Specialists. 


Putting Learners in the Loop


Our team of Simulation Specialists (or Sim Specialists) is at the very heart of Mursion’s “human-in-the-loop” technology, which no other virtual reality training company can claim today. A powerful blend of artificial intelligence and live human interaction, Mursion’s human-in-the-loop platform is unlike any other virtual reality training in the marketplace. (Alternative platforms do not offer live interactions and are either 100 percent driven by artificial intelligence or pre-recorded, stripping away any illusion of entering into an authentic exchange with potential for meaningful transformation.)

When a learner engages with Mursion’s training platform, they are not just interacting with a computer-generated avatar. Mursion’s avatars are guided every step of the way by a highly trained Sim Specialist who is well versed in the organization’s and the individual’s goals for the session. Non-scripted and completely convincing, these real-life conversations allow for immersive learning that yields truly authentic reactions and real, long-lasting results.  


How Human-in-the-Loop Technology Works


Mursion collaborates hand-in-hand with organizations to create credible situational contexts for their teams, featuring lifelike environments and avatars where the learner immediately recognizes themselves in the scenario. This technology combined with authentic, spontaneous human dialogue leads the learner’s brain to believe that the VR experience they are having is “real.” 

The scenarios that Mursion creates for its customers have clear and measurable learning objectives, and Simulation Specialists are given guidelines regarding how far to push the learner in each interaction and how to handle “hits and misses” that the learner might make during the session. 

Mursion’s highly developed artificial intelligence controls the body language, facial expressions, and lip synchronization of our various avatars, while the Simulation Specialist drives the dialogue, making a powerful combination of human-led technology for practicing these crucial interpersonal skills with another person (without the awkwardness that role play can bring). 

It is important to note here that the plausibility of the VR simulation would break were it not for the imperative role of the human-in-the-loop technology. With Mursion, the human overrides the artificial intelligence when the AI is not sufficiently spontaneous, and the human provides all of the live dialogue spoken in the simulation. Mursion allows a single human Simulation Specialist to play multiple characters at one time and parachute into different characters and environments at ease for unprecedented flexibility and scale of experiential learning.  


Who Are Mursion’s Simulation Specialists?


By now you might be wondering how one becomes a Simulation Specialist. Good question! All Mursion Simulation Specialists have some form of acting background in theater, film, improv, or other forms of performance art, giving them the flexibility and dexterity to inhabit several characters and think fast on their feet. Improv experience is particularly relevant and helpful to doing this type of work well, as the essence of improv training is centered on establishing and fostering empathy with the audience. This specific type of background allows the Specialist to bond with the learner, playing off of their responses and building a rapport that drives the interaction.

Before a Simulation Specialist delivers any simulation to a client, he or she rehearses the relevant scenario extensively and has to pass a live audition that confirms they can seamlessly deliver the scenario to Mursion’s standards and the client’s satisfaction. Mursion staff continuously monitors and scores a percentage of all simulations to ensure reliability and efficacy.  


Keeping the Connection Alive


Following a simulation, feedback is immediately delivered live with the session’s Simulation Specialist. To continue achieving plausibility for the learner, the Simulation Specialist inhabits a new avatar — a host who reviews with them how the interaction went. 

Utilizing a model of self-reflective feedback based on University of Chicago methodology, participants may be asked what they think they did well before being asked what they would change; this sets a more positive environment and creates an openness to constructive criticism from others. The Simulation Specialist provides this feedback in a thoughtful and intentional way, further demonstrating their knowledge of and commitment to the individual’s ongoing learning potential. 


Experience it Yourself

The best way to understand the role that Mursion’s Simulation Specialists play is to take part in a live interactive demo. One of our Sim Specialists will take you through a demonstration of our platform so you can experience this one-of-a-kind technology for yourself. When you meet our (human-backed) avatars in real time, you’ll see how these intentional interactions can help you and your team achieve your organization’s goals for long-lasting learning and transformational change.

by mursion.devops

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