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Hopefully no one reading this has fallen victim to the most epic conference call fails, but I’m sure everyone can relate to how easily a video conference call can quickly go awry. Hilariously depicted in “A Video Conference Call in Real Life” produced by Zoom Communications, professionals are now recognizing that there is always a little bit of unpredictability when it comes to WFH (working from home). Also, Saturday Night Live had their own zoom call that is worth watching as well.



When it comes to difficult conversations, this virtual medium brings on a whole new set of challenges to ensure effective communication, emotional intelligence, and candor between a manager and their team. In the new era of virtual meetings, stand-ups, all hands, blitzes, or whatever you call them at your organization, the need to possess high emotional intelligence is more important now more than ever. This new mode of human interaction requires hyper self awareness, listening, and empathic responses that must be developed through practice.  

There are tons of resources on how to engage remote teams and encourage collaboration in these new situations. You may have already watched some video tutorials on conference call etiquette 101 to make sure you and your team have the right tech set up, camera, audio, background, and lighting. You also probably started to read up from experts to understand how to conduct difficult conversations virtually or know what emotional intelligence traits to work on in the era of a crisis. However, applying these new technologies and tactics flawlessly is not possible without practice, learning from mistakes, and getting reinforced feedback.

In response to the need for a place to practice tough conversations under the constraints of the new world of work, and in collaboration with our partners, research analysts, and subject matter experts, Mursion has developed new content for simulating virtual conference calls.

New art that simulates a video conference call

Mursion has created our first ever “virtual conference room” environment. Learners can practice individually or in small groups with their peers. To serve all potential contexts that occur on virtual calls, you can choose to simulate conference calls in one-on-one discussions, or practice handling a hectic team meeting with three or seven of our Human+AI powered avatars. We have even replicated a waiting room environment so it is as close as possible to what it’s like in an authentic virtual encounter. 



Alex Zelenin, Art Director at Mursion, was highly enthusiastic about the opportunity to create a new virtual world that simulates video conferencing: 

“The beauty of the technology is if you can dream it, you can build it almost overnight. Our most recent advancements allow us to rapidly develop and customize entirely new scenes and configurations in half the time and cost. We are thrilled to bring a new offering to the market that fulfills the unprecedented and timely needs of our customers on such short notice.”

New scenarios that blend WFH with inclusion and de-escalation

In addition to new art development, we worked with InclusionVentures, our content partners in diversity, inclusion, and belonging, who have collaborated on new scenarios specifically focusing on new challenges for ensuring best DIB practices. How can managers ensure equity across teams that have a mix of introverted and extroverted employees? How does one handle microaggressions that arise in WFH situations?

We worked with Empathic Workplace to host monthly discussions on “Navigating the New Norm” to share and practice tactics for having conversations, getting people to open up using high emotional intelligence, thoughtful questioning, and attuned wellness management. 

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by Mursion

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