Game-Changing Companies Driving Innovation in the Workplace Part II: Bluecrew, Lattice, Samepage


Innovation in the workplace is top of mind for employers and employees — now more than ever. In the midst of these unprecedented times, Mursion was honored to be named #2 in Fast Company’s 2020 list of the world’s most innovative workplace companies. Our training partnerships with T-Mobile, Coca-Cola, and Nationwide — guiding their employees to be more empathetic and effective in their work relationships —  were recognized alongside a roster of game-changing organizations that are transforming how we collaborate. 


We’re thrilled in be the same company as household names like Microsoft, Dropbox, and DocuSign for the ways these established organizations continue to evolve and stay ahead of the curve. But, we’d like to highlight the emerging companies on this distinguished list that are driving advancements to make our working lives more efficient, equitable, and rewarding.  



Hourly workers get their due with Bluecrew, an online aggregator that features on-demand jobs offering top pay, benefits, and W2 status. The company also advocates for workers in the gig economy, supporting them with ratings and rewards that result in more work.


We especially like the fact that workers are protected with benefits like overtime, sick days, and workers comp. 



Bolstering HR professionals with continuous performance management software, Lattice streamlines employee reviews through integrations with workplace platforms, powerful analytics, and a deep library of educational resources for building more engaged teams, managers, and employees. 


We especially like the built-in question bank and talk tracks designed by a social science professor at Berkeley as well as the “praise” feature that boosts employee recognition. 



Company intranets are often overlooked, but Samepage is revolutionizing the ultimate internal database by combining such essential elements as team chat, video conferencing, and task management in a single cloud-based collaborative workspace.


We especially like the built-in communication tools like chat and call features and video conferencing, so you can truly keep “context and conversation” together.


As workplaces continue to face new challenges, trailblazing companies like these will find new and exciting approaches to overcome obstacles through innovation and amplified creativity. We can’t wait for the 2021 list.