My first week working at Mursion, named “one of the most innovative companies” of the year for teaching EQ via VR by Fast Company, flew by like a whirlwind. Having joined the sales development and growth marketing teams, I dove headfirst into learning the skills of generating leads, prospecting new clients, building sequences, and presenting demos. I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting dozens of new colleagues across my teams, as well as onboarding with a fellow Cal grad (Go Bears!).


My first week of work also brought the transition from school to my first full-time job. I shifted from being surrounded by fellow students trying to figure out their goals to tenured professionals with laser focus. The late-night sessions finishing a problem set or research paper turned to restful nights of sleep helping me get ready for the next day. Like in school, everyone drinks a lot of coffee, but I am stepping up to higher-quality grinds instead of the instant mixes I used to crave. 


Despite the growing pains, I feel privileged to join a company I really believe in (especially given the global pandemic). Mursion uses an immersive VR learning environment where customers can scale practice simulations focused on scenarios in leadership development, DEI, sales enablement, and more. We mix AI and live human interaction to create a psychologically safe environment for learners to practice and own the skills they need to succeed in difficult conversations that occur every day at work.


In my college experience, I realized the importance of soft skills in driving performance, and these skills are just as important in the workplace. The problem is that until now, the options that learning leaders have to scale essential skills learning and practice in their companies have been very limited. Coaching is hard to scale, role plays are inconsistent and nerve wracking, and eLearning can have a hard time impacting real, deep behavior change. Mursion has been able to tackle these issues head-on by creating a platform for learners to practice essential skills over time and providing analytics to clients’ learning leaders. Research shows that learner performance in skills such as giving feedback and asking higher-order questions improves over the course of four virtual practice simulations.


I myself improved my essential skills needed in the sales process, such as empathizing with prospects, thinking through objections, and engaging stakeholders, via the Mursion VR platform and can attest to its effectiveness. Similarly, our clients in the Fortune 1000, higher-ed, and healthcare spaces have been able to improve their front-line team members’ essential skills and drive productivity.


Now a few weeks into my role, I am more excited than ever to support the growth of a company helping to move the needle in educational technology. Especially as the conversation around leadership and DEI in the workplace continues, Mursion provides a mission-critical platform for learners to put their improved essential skills into practice. 

This post was written by Asad Hussain, a member of Mursion’s Growth team. To get in touch with Asad, email [email protected].

by Wendy

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