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Never in history has there been a time when people talked so openly about anxiety, depression, or feelings of hopelessness. Crisis lines are inundated with people asking for help to fight feelings of high anxiety and stress. And even corporations, both large and small, know that mental health and substance misuse is an unavoidable component to the health of their workforce – recognizing that employees’ ability to “check their baggage at the door” is no longer an option when the day starts. Over the past few weeks, it’s been said that we should expect the current global health crisis to truly change us as a country and our entire way of life. It’s also become increasingly clear that it will change the way we talk and think about mental health and substance misuse – a consequence of the pandemic that could truly impact the lives of so many for the better. The destigmatization of behavioral health in the workplace could open doors for millions, encouraging the connection to resources and treatment options many weren’t comfortable opening in the days before the current health crisis. At a time when behavioral health is more important than ever, it’s time for businesses to have an honest, no bull$*#% conversation about mental health and substance abuse. In this session, our experts will break down the barriers to the role behavioral health plays in the workplace: how it should be prioritized just like physical health, why communication HAS to start at the top, and the importance of cultural change when it comes to eliminating stigma. 

by mursion.devops

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