No matter how validated you may feel in your position, negotiating a salary increase is one of the most nerve-wracking situations an employee can face in their career. This stress can be even greater for women, who often confront unique challenges from management when it comes to bargaining.


Negotiation experts agree that entering any salary conversation prepared to present your case is your best bet for a favorable outcome. Regularly practicing difficult discussions is a tried-and-true technique for gaining confidence and retaining composure. 


But how do you practice a positive negotiation? Role playing with a friend or colleague won’t necessarily be effective as the other person is most likely rooting for you and therefore doesn’t serve as a realistic sounding board. You need to speak with someone who may require some convincing of your importance. Enter the avatar.


Virtual Scenarios, Real Conversations


At Mursion, we offer a number of virtual reality simulations, each designed to build better leaders. And, yes, that includes being paid what you’re worth. Strong companies understand the significance of employee retention and satisfaction, which includes fair compensation. However, employees often need to serve as their own advocate, which doesn’t always come naturally. Immersive practice can be incredibly helpful in learning how to champion your own cause.


Powered by a blend of artificial and human intelligence, Mursion delivers real-time simulations that call for learners to be fully present in the moment. Our “human-in-the-loop” approach (where the simulation is led by a trained specialist) is not only safe and anonymous, it is personalized and variable enough to bring forth long-term behavioral change. The realism of these sessions offers a scalable and tailored experience for professionals who want to practice essential leadership skills and turn them into daily behaviors. 


Negotiating a Salary Increase


In this ongoing series, we explore some of our most popular Mursion demos so that you see the range of options and get a feel for what you can expect when you engage with your own training simulation. Here, we highlight our “Practicing Negotiation: Salary Increase” demo, which places the learner in the position of approaching their employer for more money.


In the simulation, you’ll first meet with a host avatar, who will provide the background of your session, in which you are the manager of a fulfillment center for a large online retailer. You’ve achieved proven success as a manager, and have the stats to back it up. Your last salary increase was more than a year ago, when your company was booming. It’s now facing a downturn, but your position is solid. It’s time to establish your worth.


After the set up, you’ll then meet with your “boss,” along with another avatar representing an HR professional. You’ll get to practice calmly and comprehensively sharing your wins, communicating your dedication to your job, and proving your value to your company. 


These common workplace conversations can easily become emotional, but this simulation allows you to practice keeping a cool head. The host avatar of your simulation provides immediate feedback on your performance during the session, and you can return to the simulation to repeatedly continue your practice until you feel prepared and poised for victory. 


Now It’s Your Turn


Are you intrigued by the potential an immersive VR training program presents for you and the development of your leadership skills? Your first step to experiencing a Mursion virtual reality simulation for yourself is to connect with one of our Simulation Specialists. There are a variety of powerful options available to help you become a more confident and valued leader at every step of your career.

by Wendy

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