One of the biggest challenges a leader faces is earning the trust of their employees. In addition to demonstrating mastery of essential soft skills in the workplace, such as problem solving, critical thinking, communication, adaptability, and emotional intelligence, it is paramount for a leader that their employees understand their place in the organization and feel that they are not only being heard, but making valuable contributions. 


Research backs this up: The 2020 Global Workplace Study from the ADP Research Institute shows that an employee is 14 times more likely to be fully engaged if they trust their leader. 

Gaining Employee Buy-In

Source: ADP Research Institute


And because strong leaders know that human capital is their greatest asset, it is crucial that those who are in charge take the time to gain buy-in from their teams when making decisions that affect their day-to-day to avoid unfortunate outcomes such as employee burnout and turnover.


Reframing Challenges as Opportunities


Mursion offers a number of opportunities to explore our virtual reality simulations, each tailored to your needs and your organization’s goals, from corporate learning simulations like leadership development, sales enablement, and customer service training; to diversity & inclusion services; to education and healthcare scenarios.


In an ongoing series, we will explore some of our most popular Mursion demos so that you see the range of options and get a feel for what you can expect when you engage with your own training simulation. Here, we’re highlighting two of our “Applying Executive Presence” demos, both dealing with the imperative topic of earning employee buy-in during difficult situations.


In these immersive change management simulations, you’ll face an almost-universal scenario for any leader: guiding an employee through organizational transitions. For most managers, especially those who are new to their role, this is a stressful situation; how do you positively communicate the company’s position? How do you de-escalate a report’s emotions while still making them feel acknowledged? How do you shift a resistant employee’s perspective to be positive and solutions oriented? 


These common workplace conversations can easily become heated and managers run the real risk of alienating employees. Achieving the desired outcome of comprehensive employee buy-in and acceptance of changes takes dedicated and dynamic practice, which VR simulations provide better than any traditional training technique (such as textbook learning or role play) ever could.


How VR Simulations Train Your Powers of Persuasion 


Powered by a blend of artificial and human intelligence, Mursion delivers real-time simulations that call for learners to be fully present in the moment. Our “human-in-the-loop” approach (where the simulation is led by a trained specialist) is not only safe and anonymous, it is personalized and variable enough to bring forth long-term behavioral change.  


During these demos, you will engage with lifelike avatars to re-enact meetings with team members who are struggling with developments in your organization. One scenario focuses on an operational systems change, in which you will meet with an employee who has been very vocal about their dissatisfaction; it is up to you to communicate the reasons behind the shift and listen to their concerns while bolstering their confidence in the change. In another demo, you will encounter an employee whose workload has been reprioritized to better fit their strengths. Your goal is to not only guide them through the transition, but to assure them that their feedback was carefully considered in making the move.


This realism of these sessions offers a scalable and tailored experience for companies that want to practice essential leadership skills and turn them into daily behaviors. This unique opportunity to experience these virtual reality simulations will not only give you a glimpse into what you could expect in a long-term learning program for your own team, but it will give you immediate insight into your current management style and identify areas for growth based on immediate feedback you will receive from our Simulation Specialists. 


Experience a Mursion Demo for Yourself 


Are you intrigued by the potential a comprehensive VR training program presents for you and your organization? Your first step to experiencing a Mursion virtual reality simulation for yourself is to connect with one of our Simulation Specialists. Together you’ll decide the best demo for you to take part in to help you and your team meet your training goals. From there, the possibilities are up to you. 


by Wendy

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