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About Mursion Virtual Reality Training Software

Powered by a blend of artificial intelligence and live human interaction, Mursion provides immersive VR training for essential skills in the workplace. By using trained professionals who orchestrate the interactions between learners and avatar-based characters, Mursion simulations achieve the realism needed to deliver measurable, high-impact results.

Applicable to any situation requiring high stakes interpersonal skill, this “human-in-the-loop” approach has demonstrated impact in areas such as leadership development, sales enablement, customer service, and diversity and inclusion across industries. Authentic interactions engage the emotional and cognitive faculties for learning that truly transforms the learner and achieves sustained behavioral change.

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    Would you like to experience Mursion for yourself? Click “Request a Demo” below and one of our virtual reality training experts will contact you to set up a full immersive experience of the Mursion virtual reality training platform. You can even experience it in 2D from the comfort of your home or office.

    Why Mursion Software Works


    Real-time simulations that call for full presence in the moment


    Scalable, tailored experiences that meet you where you are


    A safe space to make mistakes and learn from failure


    Emotive and empathic interactions situated in authentic contexts

    Immersive Virtual Reality Environment

    Mursion is built to be fully immersive, with engaging avatars who have realistic appearances, expressions, gestures, voices, and personalities. In addition, Mursion recognizes that learning doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Our virtual reality artists are attuned to the idiosyncrasies of on-the-job environments and the exact locales where stressful situations occur, whether that’s a boardroom, a warehouse, a living room, a classroom, an open-air call center, or the doctor’s office. Attention to these details translates into authentic environments that truly prepare learners for real, make-it-or-break-it conversations.

    Safe Learning Space

    Psychological safety is the bedrock of effective learning. In order to make mistakes and learn, learners need to feel they are operating in an open and non-judgmental environment. By trying different communication strategies and experiencing different reactions from the avatar(s) in a variable and personalized environment, learners are able to see the results of their words and actions, develop self-awareness, and iteratively practice. Acquired skills become sustained behaviors.

    Customized to Fit Your Organization

    Forget offering one-size-fits-all leadership exercises or generic communication training scenarios; Mursion customizes your participants’ learning experience to produce results specific to your organization, business, function, principles, and core values.

    Mursion offers customized avatars, environments, and scenarios for a learning experience fine-tuned to your organization’s needs. In addition, because Mursion virtual reality training combines AI with live human interaction, the training is consistent and yet variable (different with each encounter), personalized (individualized for each learner), and adaptive (real-time cause-and-effect) for the ultimate human skills practice. Training translates directly into on-the-job success, both immediate impact and long-term advantage.

    More Effective Hands-On Learning

    When it comes to learning, doing is far more effective than listening or reading, especially when it comes to soft skills. Mursion’s customized virtual reality training simulations are the ultimate in interactive experiences designed to drive verifiable skill acquisition and sustained behavioral change. Participants interact with one or multiple highly responsive avatars in an engaging virtual environment designed to isolate and target learning challenges. Because these avatars are supported by AI and live human interaction, the participant receives real-time feedback and even an opportunity to self-reflect and debrief after the simulation is concluded.

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