Women’s Day 2020

To commemorate International Women’s Day 2020, a global event recognizing the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation hosted its 10th annual International Women’s Day Forum in New York City.

With a series of workshops and speaker sessions taking place March 4-5, a cross-section of business, cultural, and philanthropic leaders gathered at Convene in Midtown Manhattan to discuss this year’s forum theme: “Marking a Milestone, Continuing the Momentum.” Centering on furthering the fulfillment of women’s economic empowerment and gender equality, areas of focus included workplace dynamics, skillful negotiation, tech and artificial intelligence, diversity & inclusion, and leadership development.

The Mursion team demonstrated live learning simulations during the event, immersing the crowd in an interactive virtual reality experience. With the timely topic of “Micro-inequities in the Workplace,” attendees were able to participate in a VR simulation in which they addressed common workplace micro-inequities by interacting with avatars led by a live simulation specialist.  

“True gender parity means being aware of the subtle, often unconscious messages we share, especially in the workplace where women continue to fight for equality,” said Mursion Vice President, Christina Yu. “We have developed content that can help people recognize these behaviors through virtual reality simulations that provide a safe space to practice difficult conversations. It was an exciting opportunity to share our platform with an engaged audience of leaders who are paving the way to a more equitable future for all.”