Mursion is the virtual environment where professionals practice and master essential skills they need to be effective in high stakes careers

Mursion’s virtual standardized patient (VSP) simulators offer medical educators a powerful way to enhance both technical and interpersonal skills

  • Improving the communication skills of a doctor delivering a negative diagnosis
  • Increasing the effectiveness of therapy skills of psychologists
  • Enabling prospective nurses to master giving an effective patient history and coaching interview
  • Allowing pediatric healthcare providers to train in scenarios involving a parent and an elementary-age child
  • Enhancing the debriefing skills of a surgical team

Top of the line healthcare

The use of standardized patients (SPs) to provide medical trainees with realistic simulations of patient interactions has become indispensable to medical education and assessment. Real human SPs, however, require significant personnel, financial, and logistical resources. Mursion offers health programs and systems a more scaleable way to deliver this proven method of education.

“ The more we use Mursion, the more we see the incredible value it has to our teachers, leaders, and students. There is genuine excitement around our use of such and innovative and authentic tool.”

Leonard Carlson
CEO/Co-founder - Vestibulum Inc.

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Mursion philosophy
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Drawing upon domains such as learning science
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