Stress simulations for the ultimate in high-stakes scenarios

Improving Critical Skills for High-Pressure Environments

The most stressful jobs are the ones in which the choices we make can deeply affect the well-being of others. When it comes to high-pressure situations, immersive practice is the only way to rehearse for the real thing. Defense organizations use Mursion to help learners:

  • Develop personal leadership skills, showing trust, tenacity, and courage
  • De-escalate conflict
  • Empower others and exercise authority
  • Lead teams
  • Foster effective communication and collaboration

“ The more we use Mursion, the more we see the incredible value it has to our teachers, leaders, and students. There is genuine excitement around our use of such an innovative and authentic tool.”

Leonard Carlson
CEO/Co-founder - Vestibulum Inc.

Take a step into the experience

The ideal way to rehearse and master essential skills in the workplace.

Mursion philosophy
and research base

Drawing upon domains such as learning science
and psychology, Mursion harnesses the best in
technology and human interaction to deliver
outcomes for learners and organizations.


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