Mursion is the virtual environment where professionals practice and master essential skills they need to be effective in high-stakes careers.

Leadership Development

Contrary to those who think that leadership is innate, research shows that empathy and candor are competencies that can be developed through iterative practice, feedback, and coaching. Mursion offers leaders a safe practice environment for turning new skills into daily behaviors.

Cutting-edge organizations leverage mursion’s platform to place leaders in virtual environments that mimic the most challenging interpersonal situations they face on the job.

Sales Enablement

How can you be sure that your sales team is ready for every sales challenge they face? Do your field reps ask the right questions, listen attentively, and have the right responses to tough situations?

Research shows that repeated practice builds confidence and expertise, resulting in higher close rates. Organizations are turning to Mursion for authentic and highly standardized simulations that train sales executives.

Customer Service

They say “the customer is always right,” but that doesn’t mean he isn’t occasionally insulting or rude. How should customer service personnel de-escalate aggressive behavior by insensitive or rude
customers? Clients use Mursion to help rehearse
and hone the practices they want front line service personnel to follow during challenging customer interactions.

Mursion builds customized simulations, aligned to a client’s unique customer service standards and driven by performance data in the field.

Diversity and Inclusion

Companies must shift their approach to promote diversity and inclusion from off the shelf legal compliance to one that makes D&I a core competency of their leadership development framework. Mursion offers a safe environment for leaders and other employees to practice the behavioral skills necessary to support an inclusive culture.

Take a step into the experience

The ideal way to rehearse and master essential skills in the workplace.

Mursion your way.
You choose the learning model.


Learners experience intensive rounds of targeted and highly personalized sessions.


Use the Mursion platform to design and schedule your own simulations, customized to your needs.


Dynamic team-based approach, in which each learner interacts with avatars while others observe.


A style of group workshop, ideal for large cohorts and peer-to-peer learning.

Mursion philosophy
and research base

Drawing upon domains such as learning science
and psychology, Mursion harnesses the best in
technology and human interaction to deliver
outcomes for learners and organizations.