Slide PARTNER WITH MURSION Disruptive Conversations Case Study: T-Mobile Uses VR Simulations for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Challenge

As T-Mobile was preparing to merge with Sprint, T-Mobile wanted to build
their leaders “self efficacy” at handling change management conversations in
preparation for the merging of two large distinct organisations. T-Mobile’s long
standing leadership program focuses on quick bursts of microlearning paired
with experiential learning, ideal for upcoming leaders transitioning into
a director role. The goal was to help leaders practice how to manage changing
business conditions—both voicing their own concerns and countering objections expressed by resistant team members.

Our Solution

Cohorts of leaders were run through simulations of change management scenarios. Learners were challenged to gain buy-in from an employee who is influential but resistant to change. They accessed a digital custom environment to complete scenarios in 30-minute increments at times that were convenient to them from


Nearly 90% of employees showed competency in handling change
management scenarios.

T-Mobile has expanded the scope of the training to include leading difficult team meetings and supporting a traumatized employee through incidents of racial injustice. Currently 20 new learners are added every month to the program.

Use of simulations has expanded into several other domains of T-Mobile, including the NXT LVL program for top-performing retail leaders and B2B Sales onboarding.