Slide PARTNER WITH MURSION Disruptive Conversations Case Study: Learning for Diversity and Inclusion at T-Mobile

The Challenge

T-Mobile’s multiphase “InsightOut” initiative aims to recognize the company’s diverse customer base and skills needed to service customers from various backgrounds. The program also acknowledges T-Mobile’s workforce, which includes many individuals who are early in their careers and may not have a college degree or previous managerial experience.

Our Solution

Mursion customized an immersive diversity & inclusion (D&I) training program for T-Mobile’s distinctive learning needs, scaling its leadership training and establishing a common D&I language for the company. The result was measurable skill acquisition for new managers and the adoption of a company-wide D&I vernacular created to encourage positive and productive interactions with direct reports while establishing empathy and building trust. The Mursion virtual reality training platform is currently offered to more than 3,500 T-Mobile branch managers across the country.