Slide PARTNER WITH MURSION Case Study: High-Caliber Managerial Training at Nationwide

The Challenge

Nationwide sought to empower its managers to handle typically tough conversations around providing performance feedback to their employees. The company’s original classroom-based approach to training had several drawbacks: high costs of participant travel, few opportunities for effective role-play scenarios or follow-up practice, and difficulty in verifying skills progress.

Our Solution

Mursion supported and scaled Nationwide’s leadership development throughout all levels of the company, including emerging, mid-, and high-level leaders. In-person group workshops took place at a bootcamp-style peer-to-peer training event, followed by self-paced learning with individuals 30 and 60 days post-event. Benchmarks of success for the company include: increased learner net performance scores, as well as improved efficiency and cost-extraction from reduced training time, time spent away from work, and decreased travel.