Slide PARTNER WITH MURSION VR Training Case Study: Global HIPO Program at Coca-Cola

The Challenge

Coca-Cola sought a way to scale its global leadership training and practice for 1,300 managers in its HIPO leadership program. This new program was aimed at high-performing employees who had previously reported experiencing dissatisfaction with traditional peer-to-peer role play in the company’s training programs.

The Solution

Mursion’s customized virtual reality simulations allowed professionals in Coca-Cola’s leadership program the opportunity to have authentic practice of high-stake conversations, while establishing consistency and scalability for HIPO managers across all geographic regions of the company. The platform also provided skills measurement and needs identification for individuals and the organization as a whole. 

With the implementation of Mursion’s leadership training platform, Coca-Cola tripled its level of learning engagement (learner NPS) in the span of nine months. The effects of the program have been long-lasting; spaced, self-paced immersive training is now available to all participants in the entirety of the company’s regional workshops.