The Challenge

Mursion is partnering with the Squadron Officer School at Air University to design and deliver simulations for leadership and other behavioral skills. “We wanted to establish a foundation of experience and leadership in our Airmen before they have real world experiences,” said Chief Master Sgt. Toraino Hodges, 386th Expeditionary Mission Support Group superintendent. “We want to have the opportunity to give them feedback on how to do it correctly so they can give their most to their Airmen. Using the avatars, gives the Airmen a sense of comfortability instead of sitting across from another person. They are able to put themselves in an honest situation instead of holding back and feeling uncomfortable through the experience.”

"With the positive feedback we have received, we hope to create a three week course to help our new supervisors and young Airmen with conflict resolution and dealing with difficult situations."

Master Sgt. Josh Craig

386th Expeditionary Contracting Squadron flight chief