Slide PARTNER WITH MURSION Case Study: Customer Service Onboarding at Comcast

The Challenge

Comcast, a global leader in internet/cable networks, sought to address high turnover and the myriad challenges of training a dispersed workforce (i.e. a highly mobile staff working from tablets as their only connection to their teams). The overall goal of this initiative was to reduce the high cost of in-person field staff training while improving employee morale.

Our Solution

Mursion provided a comprehensive suite of solutions for the company’s training initiatives. These customized virtual reality simulations offered Comcast’s employees the opportunity to apply repetitive practice, which is highly conducive to spaced learning, or the ability to form connections between ideas so that knowledge can be built upon and easily recalled. Concurrent pilots of Mursion’s VR training were conducted with Comcast’s Tech Ops and sales departments, measuring learner and customer net promoter scores (NPS).

This highly specialized type of training was credited with a reduction in turnover as well as an increase in the company’s customer service transactional NPS score.