This WFH Life: Tips from Katelynn Salmon, Sales Ops

Always turn on your camera! It makes a huge difference to *see* each other. Bonus points if you can put it in “Brady Bunch” mode ๐Ÿ˜€


Do something to replace your commute. If you usually listen to a podcast on the way in, take a few minutes to listen to a podcast before jumping in (same goes for the end of the day). It can be tempting to just “jump in,” but if we don’t do something to bookend the day it can be hard to “get going” and/or hard to “let go” at the end of the day.


Get dressed. The antiquated idea that work from home = pajamas doesn’t hold up so much with video calls as the new normal. I find it helpful to look my best so I feel my best on video calls (at least from the top up… yoga pants are just comfortable! ).


All calls don’t need to be 30 minutes or more. Sometimes it’s nice to take a short discussion off email/ Slack and have a 10-minute call on Zoom to get some quality face-to-face time with a colleague.


When possible, build 5-10 minutes into the top of a meeting for office chatter! We want to “go go go” all the time, but leaving the channel open for some human connection is really important.


Don’t forget about your background.ย I like to make the room I’m in as interesting as possible (granted right now it’s boring), but try to remember to move that pile of laundry – even if it’s only 2 inches out of the camera’s line of sight. ๐Ÿ™‚


Scent is still an important sense. Often we focus on the visual because that’s what we can see on camera, but I always have essential oils or a great candle burning. It makes a huge difference to my focus during the day.ย