This WFH Life Part II

“Get a proper desk with a proper monitor and keyboard. Also – if you have kids working from home everyone should have good headphones with mics allowing the entire family to participate in zoom calls without distraction.”

Brentt Brown, VP of Sales

“I find that blocking out my time (even when I take breaks or go for a run) helps me stay focused and aware of the tasks I’m supposed to be working on. Scheduling in the time to do your laundry or walk away reduces the urge for me to get distracted by the task especially when it’s something you want to avoid.”

-Kaeley Stipicevic, Engagement Manager

“Structure your weekdays! Begin each weekday with a set focus with set goals to get it accomplished.”

-Abigail Grant, Marketing Operations Coordinator

“Virtual Backgrounds and Appearance Touch Up for the win! It’s always a pleasure to meet with someone over zoom looking my brushed up best, from any number of interesting locations. I’ve added realistic and attractive office settings to my zoom virtual background library to hide the messy bedroom behind – Looking at myself in the video helps me feel grounded from a more professional space.”

-Genevieve Perdue, Mursion Learning Partner

“Get fully dressed for the day!”

-Carrie Straub, Executive Director Education Programs & Research

“Keep your office space clutter free- it will make you feel more zen and focused!”

-Angela Hsu, Mursion Learning Partner

“If your company uses Slack, devoting a channel to the more humorous side of life can be really beneficial. Here at Mursion, our #random channel is a treasure trove of (work-appropriate) videos and cute pet pics. I find myself checking this channel often– even though the weekend– in the hopes that someone has posted something to make us all smile. It’s a great way to get to know your coworkers’ quirky humor and to lift each other up from afar. When your commute is just across the hall (or 3 feet from the bed, as in my case) the lines between being “on” and “off” can be blurry. It is okay to turn your computer off at 5. It’s okay to turn down projects you simply don’t have the bandwidth to complete. Boundaries are perhaps more important than ever when you’re working from home. Trying to establish them both with your work and your family is essential. Things will be tricky in the beginning– give yourself the grace to learn as you go. Speaking of grace, this is weird time for everyone. It’s going to benefit all of us if we can collectively try to be understanding of kids interrupting meetings, tech glitches, and frayed emotions. Search for the good and go above and beyond to support one another when possible. Fear and anxiety are contagious, but so are compassion and understanding. If we all make an honest effort to support one another, we may just manage to come out of this better than we went in.”

-Elise Barberis, Simulation Specialist