Mursion Named to Training Industry’s 2020 Health and Safety/Compliance Training Companies Watch List

Training Industry, the leading research and information resource for corporate learning leaders, recently named Mursion to its 2020 Health and Safety/Compliance Training Companies Watch List. The compilation recognizes the top businesses serving the health and safety/compliance training sector of the learning and development market. 

“The companies selected for the 2020 Health and Safety/Compliance Training Watch List are unique and emerging organizations offering in-depth content on health and safety and compliance courses,” said Danielle Draewell, market research analyst at Training Industry, Inc. “Many of these organizations have created engaging materials through game-based learning and simulations for improved learner retainment and on-the-job effectiveness.”

The Future of Corporate Safety/Compliance Training

Training Industry prepares its annual Top 20 reports on critical sectors of the corporate training marketplace to better inform professionals about the best and most innovative providers of training services and technologies. Health and safety/compliance training provides health and safety and regulatory compliance training content, courses and programs, as well as instruction for corporate learning development. Training focuses on occupational health and safety, Environmental Protection Agency training, and educating employees on laws, regulations, and policies.

The Training Industry 2020 Health and Safety/Compliance Training Companies Watch List is intended to help buyers of training services evaluate health and safety/compliance training providers that offer emerging or unique strengths and capabilities.

Mursion’s selection to the 2020 Training Industry Top 20 Health and Safety/Compliance Training Companies List was based on the following criteria: 

  • Breadth and diversity of health and safety/compliance training offerings
  • Ability to deliver training in preferred modalities 
  • Company size and growth potential 
  • Quality of clients and geographic reach

How Mursion Is Leading the Corporate Learning & Development Industry

Mursion is a virtual reality training environment in which organizations can practice and master high-stakes conversations for improved confidence, compliance, and positive impact. The Training Industry 2020 Health and Safety/Compliance Training Companies Watch List recognizes Mursion’s immersive virtual simulations as an important platform to pay attention to, offering companies a powerful way to enhance critical interpersonal skills by practicing difficult conversations in a safe space.

Used by a wide range of innovative organizations in healthcare, education, hospitality, finance, and other corporate sectors, Mursion delivers customized virtual reality simulations that recreate the most demanding interpersonal challenges such as those concerning employee safety and compliance that professionals confront on the job every day. Using industry-leading “human-in-the-loop” technology that pairs computer learning with live Simulation Specialists, Mursion is the leading platform to practice real-world human interactions that can make or break careers and company reputations.

These highly realistic VR simulations provide a wide range of immersive and authentic workplace environments in which to simulate challenging interpersonal on-the-job exchanges. These authentic interactions create a safe space for learners to take risks from which they can learn how to improve their day-to-day performance while communicating and meeting corporate health and safety and compliance regulations.

Transform Your Company’s Training

Are you in charge of your company’s learning and development initiatives? Take part in a Mursion demo to experience first hand how our virtual reality simulations can be implemented in a variety of capacities to fully engage your teams for measurable, meaningful transformation.