Engaging Employees


The coronavirus outbreak is forcing companies to rethink the ways in which they conduct business. Some of the world’s most prominent corporations have recently made the tough decision to suspend or cancel high-profile conferences and in-person training events due to concerns over the health and safety of their employees. 

While remaining sensitive to the considerations of their employees and their families during the coronavirus outbreak, employers can continue to train, motivate, and support their workforce. Today more than ever, technology allows workers the same connection and collaboration of traditional office work with the flexibility of working remotely. 


How Virtual Reality and Simulations Can Help 


With simulation technology, employees can continue to learn and grow. Utilizing their own computers (no need for headsets), learners can participate in immersive virtual environments to master essential workplace skills, such as leadership development, diversity & inclusion, sales and customer service training, and more. Cultivating these crucial skills during a difficult time can act as a morale boost for an uneasy staff. 

Mursion can also tailor virtual reality training simulations to a company’s specific learning needs, offering customized scenarios and environments, as well as virtual group workshops. In this dynamic team setting, each learner interacts with an avatar who is guided by our trained simulation specialists in Mursion’s one-of-a-kind “human-in-the-loop” approach combining artificial intelligence and live human interaction. 

Is your company putting plans in place to keep employees engaged and productive while working remotely during the coronavirus crisis? Mursion can launch authentic, customized, live simulated practice of critical interpersonal skills in a matter of days. Contact a Mursion Learning Partner to request a demo.