Innovation in the Workplace – Part 1: Pipeline Equity, Coda, The Second Shift

Innovation in the workplace is top of mind for employers and employees — now more than ever. In the midst of these unprecedented times, Mursion was honored to be named #2 in Fast Company’s 2020 list of the world’s most innovative workplace companies. Our training partnerships with T-Mobile, Coca-Cola, and Nationwide — guiding their employees to be more empathetic and effective in their work relationships —  were recognized alongside a roster of game-changing organizations that are transforming how we collaborate. 

We’re thrilled in be the same company as household names like Microsoft, Dropbox, and DocuSign for the ways these established organizations continue to evolve and stay ahead of the curve. But, we’d like to highlight the emerging companies on this distinguished list that are driving advancements to make our working lives more efficient, equitable, and rewarding. In this first installment of a two-part series, we’ll feature three of these trailblazing organizations.


Pipeline Equity

Utilizing a subscription-based platform, Pipeline Equity helps companies analyze their own data to identify areas of opportunity — from increased financial performance to improved gender parity.

We especially like … The Pipeline Platform, a public pledge by thousands of organizations nationwide that are committed to supporting gender equity.  



Already employed by a number of big names (think: Spotify, Uber, The New York Times) since its 2019 launch, Coda democratizes company software to enable employees to build app-like solutions in one flexible workspace.

We especially like … the ability to incorporate emojis and games into company platforms to keep teams engaged, educated, and entertained.  


The Second Shift

Recognizing the specific needs of mid-career women, who may be also be juggling caretaker duties at home, The Second Shift is an online platform matching female workers with temporary, flexible, and special project-based assignments.

We especially like … the Let’s Be Human best practices guide for companies guiding moms and dads before, during, and after parental leave.

Check back in next week as we share the second half of this distinguished list of innovative industry leaders.