The New Glassdoor DE&I Rankings and What This Means to Learning Professionals

In the past decade, the Black Lives Matter and the #MeToo movements have come to the forefront of national conversation.

BLM Protests

A map of the BLM protests across the U.S in response to the death of George Floyd. Source: NBC News

In response, many companies released hasty public relations statements committing to their own Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives. In the midst of this shift, Glassdoor stands out in the crowd with a major change to its website and user experience. The site now plans to incorporate a DE&I ranking based on a 5-point scale, published employee demographics, Diversity FAQs and tools that show DE&I programs and goals. 


In a blog post about this feature, Glassdoor CEO Christian Sutherland-Wong said, “Job seekers and employees today really care about equity, and for too long they’ve lacked access to the information needed to make informed decisions about the companies that are, or are not, truly inclusive.” 


So what does this mean to DE&I professionals? The world is now demanding more visible and impactful DE&I initiatives. E-learning may be a start, but knowledge-based training won’t likely satisfy the online community, which is increasingly looking for observable actions and meaningful, long-term behavior changes. 


To achieve this, DE&I professionals should consider leveraging newer learning technologies that focus on soft skills and transforming behavior. For example, Mursion uses virtual reality to simulate conversations that help employees practice complex subjects like anti-racism, unconscious and implicit biases, microaggressions, and more. 


Mursion’s use of VR accelerates behavior transformation because it creates a safe space for the learner to practice new behaviors in a risk-free way, but at the same time it is also emotionally and cognitively stimulating enough to replicate demanding on-the-job experience. Programs like these will more likely impact a company’s inclusiveness and now, its online reputation, as well. 

This post was written by Megan Frankl, a member of Mursion’s Growth team. To get in touch with Megan, email