Best Practices From the Field

Mursion Client Success Team, November 2018

November 2018

Give learners 30 minutes at a time to focus on one leadership simulation. The learner practices the interaction, gets immediate feedback from the host avatar, and then dives right back in to practice the areas of challenge. This kind of practice builds soft-skills just like we build muscle - through repetition. By getting specific, individualized feedback, the learner has an opportunity to focus on what they most need.


Using Mursion in group workshops on-site or remotely

Embedding simulation experiences in course work aligned with the curriculum provides opportunities to put specific best practices and techniques into action.  Interactions can be “paused” to incorporate immediate feedback and then “resumed.”


In group settings, other students can record observations or collect data on the interaction. This can create rich discussions and a supportive community to take risks and celebrate achievements.


Remote lab experiences can be done with a coach and individual, or a small group of learners, all signing on from different locations. For optimum focus during the simulation, turn off the camera and mute the mics of everyone except the participant while engaged with the virtual characters.

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