2021 Future of Work Roundtables: DEI Gamification, Gen Z Leadership Values, Radical Candor, and More

If you’ve dedicated yourself to your professional and personal development this year, first of all, we salute you! An investment in yourself will always pay off, especially if you commit to learning more about what motivates you, what you can do to make your worklife more gratifying, and, ultimately, what brings you and the people around you more meaning in life.

Our Future of Work Roundtable Series is designed to help support you on this important journey. We regularly host thought leaders and game changers who are experts in emotional intelligence and soft skills — and we invite you to join them for lively, interactive online discussions. You can find out more about our upcoming complimentary sessions, and join us via Zoom here.

Here is our current 2021 lineup; stay tuned for more details on what’s in store for the second quarter of the year and beyond.

Wednesday, Jan. 13, “Passionately Successful: Making the Most of Ambition & Happiness” with NYU ‘Happiness’ Professor Daniel Lerner

Cutting-edge science now shows that when we pursue our passions in the correct way, we can realize the highest levels of personal and professional success. In this talk, Daniel Lerner defines two types of passion: harmonious and obsessive. When you’re harmoniously passionate, you not only love what you do, but you are more focused, energetic, and productive and live a far more fulfilling life. Conversely, obsessive passions are marked by a compulsive, dogged pursuit of achievement, leading to guilt, shame, pessimism, unhappiness, and, far too often, early burnout. Drawing on a diverse cast of iconic cultural figures — from Richard Branson and Ellen DeGeneres to Nelson Mandela and Kanye West — Lerner illuminates the difference between healthy and dangerous passions; how and why to ignite, explore, and stoke your healthy ones; and even how to find passion in work that you may have given up as passionless long ago. And if you’ve fallen into patterns of blind obsession, Lerner helps you transition out of them. Ultimately, this keynote is a fiery, fun, and practical primer on how to live a successfully passionate (and passionately successful!) life.

Wednesday, Jan. 20, “Leading with Fire: What to Do When You Have No Energy” with Mindset Coach, Angel Investor, and Founder of The Dream Sprint Daria Tsvenger

How do we tend to our inner drive, especially during a time of extreme fluctuations in emotions and energy levels in our workplaces and in our lives? Executive & Mindset Coach, Angel Investor, and Founder of The Dream Sprint Daria Tsvenger is a master of identifying ways to channel motivation and action — without running the real risk of burnout. Tsvenger teaches individuals how to tap into their natural potential as leaders. Her work with high achievers and her passion for neuroscience demonstrate exactly how to show up for yourself, your team, and your work, even — and perhaps especially — during challenging scenarios when the opportunity to learn long-lasting lessons can be life-changing. She encourages individuals to unlock the power of their mind, discover their unique strengths, and recognize challenges as situations that enable action and empower change.

Wednesday, Jan. 27, “Finding Your Courageous Edge: Micro-Practices for a More Equitable and Inclusive Workplace” with Grace Michel and Briana Bellamy of UC Berkeley Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership

Implementing and executing an authentic diversity, equity, and inclusion practice requires fearless commitment and bold action. In this session, Grace Michel and Briana Bellamy of UC Berkeley Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership will help us gain tools for interrupting biases and assumptions in our daily team and employee interactions and discover how diverse communication and work styles show up in our virtual workplaces. We will also practice essential skills for fostering a sense of belonging, identifying diverse conflict styles, and learning invaluable strategies for de-escalating conflict.

Wednesday, Feb. 3: “The Next Generation of Business Leadership on Bystander Effect and Microaggressions in the Workplace” with Inga Carboni from the College of William and Mary – Raymond A. Mason School of Business

What happens when business school students are asked to face unconscious bias and microaggressions — before they even enter the workforce? Inga Carboni from the College of William and Mary – Raymond A. Mason School of Business will share insights and takeaways from a provocative Mursion experiment. Find out what the next generation of business leaders thinks about diversity, equity, and inclusion — and how we can all help shape more inclusive workplaces, no matter where we are in our career trajectory and even if you’re an entry-level employee with little formal power.

Wednesday, Feb. 17: “Gamification and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion: Perils, Pitfalls, and Opportunities” with Myoshi Maul of Cox Communications

Is gamification an appropriate tactic or strategy to use for operationalizing diversity, equity, and inclusion? Myoshi Maul of Cox Communications explores the complexities, dismantles misconceptions about gamification, and demonstrates with a case study how this popular and often misunderstood educational method can address bias in the workplace.

Wednesday, Feb. 24: “Reinventing Leadership: Generation Z and the Millennial Workforce” with Executive Search Consultant and Author Susan Goldberg

How do we empower young leaders without alienating seasoned staff? Employee retention is top of mind for Executive Search Consultant and author Susan Goldberg, who will take us through her work with young leaders. With a laser-focus on maximizing the abilities of every employee, organizations build stronger relationships between established staff members and new talent and build company loyalty. Ultimately, stronger bonds result in a better return on talent that impacts current and future P&L.

Wednesday, March 3: “Hacking Your Brain to Maximize Personal and Professional Potential” with Dr. Celine Mullins

Join Dr. Celine Mullins, CEO of Adaptas Ltd., for a Zoom workout for your brain. Taking her cues from consequential research in psychology, cognitive science, and neuroscience, Dr. Mullins will take guests through her proven process of setting us up for success in changing habits and improving soft skills. Through this vigorous interactive session, you’re sure to flex new muscles; bring along a habit or soft skill you have been hoping to change or improve to get the most out of our time together.

Wednesday, March 10: “Fight or Flight: How Your Driving Core Motive Impacts Your Interactions” with Legal Trainer Kelly Knowles

Receiving constant feedback loops. Navigating difficult conversations. Conducting virtual evaluations over screens. Adapting to evolving issues in rapidly transforming workplaces. These daily scenarios often provoke emotional reactions that can keep us awake from anxiety, incite overanalyzing in our reactions, and cause us to postpone plans that address issues that will only get worse when left unattended. How do you manage your emotions to effectively lead? A practical solution is getting to know our Driving Core Motive. This is the inner understanding that gives us invaluable insights into our personality and how it impacts our interactions. Our Driving Core Motive can explain why one person acts with haste while another avoids action. The bottom line: Motive Matters. It helps us to effectively understand and work with our colleagues, improve communication skills, and yes – put us in better balance instead of relying on our primal Flight or Fight instincts.

Wednesday, March 24: “Radical Candor: What it Means to Care Personally and Challenge Directly” with Jason Rosoff

Now’s your chance to join one of our most popular and often-requested roundtables! The global phenomenon Radical Candor, based on the book by Kim Scott, is a compass for having candid conversations, guiding people to give feedback that is both kind and clear, specific, and sincere. In this dynamic virtual roundtable with Radical Candor CEO Jason Rosoff, learn how to avoid the perils of “Obnoxious Aggression,” “Manipulative Insincerity,” and “Ruinous Empathy,” to be a kick-ass boss and colleague without losing your humanity, a challenge to us all as we adjust to the new norm of virtual life and work. What’s more, learn how to put these skills to work at scale across an organization, driving mindset shift, and behavioral change in a systemic way. Meet other leaders, hear their real-life stories, and experience how you can hone your skills at home with VR simulation.